Sunday, July 18, 2010

Party Favors

I've been working on my Mother in Law's bday party.
I saw these first here and thought that they would serve me well as party favors. You find the pull top cans and open them from the bottom. Wash then fill them with goodies and hot glue the bottom back on. So your guests get to pop the top and find their surprises! Finding the pop top cans without the rounded bottom (they can't be opened with a can opener) was a challenge. These little cans are from little snack-size fruit cups. Here's a better look at the top:

My other new project that I am SO excited about are these checkbook covers! They cost maybe 50 cents to make and take about 30 minutes. That's with the personalization! I saw a girl on Martha Stewart do them. Well, she made wallets. I just kinda winged the checkbook cover. This one is for my sweet friend, Leah's birthday.
The Inside:


  1. Great healthy idea for a party favor! Thanks for joining my swap :)


  2. The pop-top cans are a great idea!
    DanniJo85 from SwapBot!

  3. SO incredibly cute that I must lay down for a moment. Ok. You are really creative! Oh, and the background for this site? I want it for my wallpaper in my house. You rock.

    -Jenny712 from swap-bot

  4. I want that checkbook cover. That is awesome...

    (xxpenguinscanflyxx, SwapBot)

  5. Hello I am carileigh from swap-bot. I really like your blog so I am going to follow :)

  6. I still need a good checkbook cover....I'm using the silly vinyl cover that comes with the checks, blah!

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  7. What a nice blog!!
    very well crafted. I like the name too. :-)

  8. oops, forgot to say, I am MimiTabby your swap-bot pal..

  9. wow love the checkbook cover! the material is gorgeous!

    memtree (swap-bot)