Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Birthday Party Invites

I'm throwing my mother in law a 50th birthday party this August. Poor woman hasn't had a birthday party in 10 years. That's what happens when you only have boys, I guess. Anyway, I usually like to do something a little different (maybe one day, I'll get around to posting pictures of Nathan's 24th when I decorated with old board games) but money was a huge determining factor for this one. I bocked at the idea of doing a luau but all of the great stuff at the Dollar Tree swayed me. I have a big tub of decorations for the party, that I am hoping will eventually turn into some really cute tables. Here are the invites:

I made them in a frenzy one day after I realized that I hadn't actually placed my order at! I had the invites I wanted designed and in my cart, then apparently got distracted and left them there! By the time I checked to see why in the world my order hadn't arrived yet (2 weeks later!!!) my design had been deleted!! So anyway, I whipped these out in a couple of hours, and I think they turned out pretty well.


  1. How clever! I don't think I've seen this idea before.

    -Jenny712 from swap-bot

  2. those look great! the ribbon is a nice touch! {billiemonster from swap-bot 'I'm a blogger follow me' swap}