Monday, July 26, 2010

Snail Mail Makes Me Happy

So, I found a web-site a couple of weeks ago that I have fallen in love with. It's called Swap-bot.  You sign up for "swaps" and are given a partner or 2 or 3 (so on and so on!) and you  mail your partners whatever conditions you signed up for. For example, I've signed up for a tote-bag swap. So I will take a gander at my partners profile and considering his/her likes/dislikes, I will send a tote-bag. And I will get a new one from my partner! How exciting is that? It makes checking the mail box a lot more fun.

Anyway, all of that to say that I am entered into another swap called "I'm a Blogger, Follow Me!". I have 10 partners that have blogs I get to read and comment on. And likewise, 10 people will read my blog! What a great way to get people to read all about my crafting adventures :D Nothing like being in the internet spotlight for my 15 seconds!! Here are my partners I am visiting. You should take a look too!:

Joanna : 
Andrea :  milpontinhos
Elizabeth : observationsnsuch
Dani : trueconfessionsofaliar
Brandi: gunma-gal
Sunny : sunnychauncey
Deidre: deidre42
Mägi : runawaymaggiemay
Lesley: allbetogalore
Last Minute Bride:lastminutebride

I am also pretty new at blogging. Can someone tell me how to put another site's "button" on my post? I wanted to put a button from Swap-bot on but am too blog-challenged to do it! 


  1. You have such a great blog going! I just started my blog as well and I know it can be very confusing! I have a post with a link to your blog here:

    Crystal(holalola)from swap-bot
    I look forward to reading more :)
    Oh and heres a great link to a how-to for your button question (I use the code given):

  2. thank you for adding the link to my blog :) In order to put a button to a swap-bot thing, grab the html code that the button has (look at the Blogger button for example)... copy that text and go to your blog... either open a new post or edit an existing one... at the top of the writing box select the "edit html" tab and paste that text into there. Then go back to the compose tab and the button should appear :). Hope that helps!

  3. I was so excited when I found Swap-Bot. Getting packages in the mail is such a rarity these days that I find myself majorly looking forward to my swaps to arrive hehe! {billiemonster from swap-bot 'I'm a blogger follow me' swap}