Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I recently painted my bedroom! Finally! And now, I'm wanting to actually decorate it. It's been pretty sad so far.
I'm totally blessed with the home that I share with my awesome family, but I needed to step up my homemaking skills, for real. 
So, with the addition of our GREEN walls, I've added a few pillows. Pillows are so much fun to make. You can usually finish them in a day. That's almost a MUST for me and craft projects. Day 2 of a craft project is just WORK

Let me introduce you to my pillows:

 Pillow #1: another Kissing Pleats Pillow, but this one's for me :)

Interesting note: I found pillow #2 here and pillow #3 here, and just now realized it was the same uber creative person inspiring me for BOTH pillows! Her name is Allison and she was guest posting when I found this! How funny! And Thanks twice as much, Allison! I love your pillows!

Okay,pillow #2:
 Allison's turned out better than mine, but I think that with practice, I can get it how I want it. It's definitely cute enough to sit on my bedroom floor bed. ;) 
Also, I used fleece, rather then felt, because that's what I had. 
Another goal in this mini overhaul is to spend as little cash as possible.

Moving on to Pillow #3 (My favorite): inspiration found here

I went with the green motif, because I'm scared of coordinating colors all by myself. I just stick with what's safe. Or maybe I just prefer simple color schemes??
Thanks for stopping by! 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I'm so bad at Blogging!

But I have been getting better at taking pictures of what I make. 
Let's start with the Mother's Day gifts I made this year..
Both of our mom's are teachers (Special Ed actually...weird!) 
and so, of course what they need is bright clutter on their desk! 
I should have taken a picture with this thing actually holding stuff, but imagine that there are pictures, or notes in the clothespins. 

I am dying for a new camera, BTW. 

On to the new bookmarks that I found this week here
They are super easy and take maybe 5 minutes. 
Maybe they will prevent me from stuffing my books with scraps of trash...

And, for the finale, I girly-ed up my kitchen table! 
And, I actually remembered to take a BEFORE photo! That NEVER happens!


That's all for now! I have to go convince a sleepy 1 year old boy that he actually DOES need a NAP. 

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