Sunday, September 12, 2010

Thank you, Skittles!

My husband is totally addicted to candy. It's his biggest (and almost only) vice. So, being the loving wife I am, I indulge him. Or maybe enable him. I'm not sure which. Anyway, this particular day, as I was checking out, I realized I forgot to go down the candy isle. I know better than to come home empty handed. I casually picked up a pack of Skittles and a pack of Starbursts in the check out. Well ladies and gentlemen, this day, it finally paid off. Later that night, when he opened his skittles, he noticed they were all GOLD. Not yellow  but GOLD. So he hastily reads the outside of the package and reads: "Find the Gold Skittles, Win $10,000!!" I'm freaking out. Then I grab the package out of his hands and read it for myself. The tiny letters read "you could" and "up to"... In the end we won $50!! It's not 10,000 but it is 50 more than we were expecting! And living on a seminary student budget, $50 goes a long way! So thank you, Skittles!!
Also, They are pictured sitting on my newly painted counter tops. ( You should have seen him when I grabbed his skittles and told him he couldn't eat anymore until I got a picture. He's such a kid.) You'll get before and afters when my kitchen is clean. The little dude and I have been sick so this place is in pretty bad shape!

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