Monday, April 18, 2011

Craft Room Part I

So, I've been totally off the radar lately, and I feel terrible about it. But, I'm hoping to make it up with lots ofpictures! You see, I've been working on my CRAFT ROOM!  The room that I've wanted since, I don't know, I was 10??  Anyway, It's really just the beginning, and I will have many more pictures to share later. My "scrapbooking desk" is still under construction and will have to be added at a later date, as well as my ironing board, that I am determined to recover and hang on the wall. So, without further ado,
My Craft Room Part I:

Bookshelf that will eventually be filled up with Mini bolts of Fabric.
What's a Craft Room without a fun light switch cover?
I got this at a thrift store for $10. Perfect!
My homemade sewing table! 2 end tables + a dooor!
My "batting basket" that will hold...batting!  
Wrapping Paper holder
"scrapbook paper scraps" the other box has "large pictures"

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  1. Angela-

    I have wanted a craft room since I was 10 as well. I really want one now, so I just settle for my craft "closet"...Love how your space is coming along...

    Please share this with my readers @Creative Juice Thursday ... Hope to see yours among all the amazing projects!

  2. Thanks for linking to Creative Juice Thursday...Hope to see more of your ideas this week!