Friday, February 11, 2011

Getting Organized

I've been working very diligently the last couple of days.
I'm determined to get organized! 
I've been inspired. My friend Becky's house is always IMMACULATE! 
So, instead of just complaining about what a mess my house is, I'm going to put in the hard work and make it what I want. I've got several ideas up in the air, but here's my completed project. Yay!

I got the frame from the thrift store for $5,
then spray painted it white.
Add a little fabric,
and some cricut cut letters,
and voila!
And, the best part, while I've been planning my organization, I have been able to keep up my new cleaning schedule. It's really difficult for me to put off craft projects to clean the house, but I'm trying to be good!


  1. Wow that is fab well done its such a great idea. Thanks for sharing tina x

  2. Thanks for your sweet comment Angela! You blog is so adorable and you have so many great ideas!