Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Blog Addictions & What's on Angela's Phone

I have spent WAAY too much time browsing blogs lately. I stayed up til almost TWO AM last night reading blogs! Crazy! Anyway, I thought that this was pretty cute so, I'm going to join in. :D What's on your phone??

Here's what's on mine:

I sent this to the hubby a few weeks ago, just because I like to freak him out. It totally worked.  Don't worry, it's not really my butt. It's just the crook of my elbow. But I do love a good reaction.
(I think I might be letting on that I sometimes have the sense of humor of a middle school boy)

THESE are the very first "flowers" that my little man has ever picked for his Mamma. It's funny how some weeds can totally melt a mamma's heart when they come from the hands of a toddling little stud muffin like mine.

And my favorite: The two men in my life that make it AWESOME!  I LOVE my FAMILY!

That's right. We go for frozen yogurt when it's FREEZING outside. We get the whole place to ourselves for Owen to run wild!


  1. LOL I'm so going to send a pic like that to my hubby, he'd totally be freaked!

  2. we go for ice cream cones almost 4 nights a week and it's snowing!! hahaha, i need to try that trick for my hubby, fo' sho!!

  3. Flowers from your babies are always great ;)
    And it's never too cold for ice cream. Never.

  4. i send pictures like that to my lover too. and i teach my kids to do it at school and show their friends. i'm so immature...