Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Time to Start Over

Well, it's been a while since I've attempted to blog anything. I had a blog over on Wordpress and apparently did something very illegal and wrong, because they deleted my account without telling me why. I still can't figure it out. So, I've moved on and am hoping to stay in the good graces of Blogger. The main purpose of this blog is to keep track of all the crafts I start and sometimes finish. I tend to get distracted rather easily. I have an adorable 5 month old son, Owen and a pretty awesome Hubby as well. My husband is currently attending school at Dallas Theological Seminary obtaining his masters in theology. I stay at home with our son for the most part although, right now I'm working part time as a census taker. (Haven't actually started yet but have finished training). Anyway, I hope to post a lot of pictures. I've asked for Photoshop for Mother's day so I will also be fiddling with that if I get it! May I introduce my beloved family:
Photo courtesy of facesbycharity


  1. OMG your son is GORGEOUS!!!! i have a 9 month old girl :)
    wow i cant believe they just deleted your blog!!
    i would go nutz if they did that!!
    My Uncle graduated from DTS!
    He is now the hispanic pastor at Stonebriar Community Church.
    that is s o awesome he is going there!!

  2. Hi there, I just saw your comment on my blog - what a small world. What year did he graduate - you all seem to be much younger than me! :)

  3. Free- That's awesome about your uncle! I would love to go visit Stonebriar one Sunday but it's really far! Dr.Swindoll does chapels at DTS fairly regularly, and I'm always asking for the heads up from my husband...Lol, I'm still waiting to hear him! Thanks for the comment. Your blog is awesome!

    Shan-He graduated in 2002. You two are probably the only two Oak Ridge Graduates in all of Midlothian! (maybe!) Have a great one!

  4. I wish you the best with your new blog, and I am looking forward to admire your work!
    ps:your son is adorable!

  5. Too cute! You guys are Texans as well! So awesome! I live southeast of Houston, so we are kinda far away. You're still cool, though. This blog is cool, keep it up!


    PS: Here is my blog!